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Last Updated 2/01/06
MTV China ? Digital

Arirang TV World 2 Korean&English Digital

CCTV 4 Chinese Digital P1 D V
CCTV 9 English Digital

CCTV E&F Spanish&French Digital

Much TV Taiwanese Digital

ERA News Taiwanese Digital

Azio TV Asia Chinese Digital

Videoland Sports Japan Digital

SET International Chinese Digital

Da Ai TV Chinese Digital

CTI TV Asia Chinese Digital

Hwazan Satellite TV Chinese Digital

Knowledge Channel Filipino Digital

CNBC TV 18 English Digital

BBC World English Digital P1

EWTN Asia English Digital P1 D V
FTV Entertainment Taiwanese Digital

FTV News Channel Taiwanese Digital

NHK World TV Japanese Digital P1

Gem TV

Net 25 Filipino Digital

ABC Asia Pacific English Digital P1

ABC Asia Pacific India English Dig4:22

On Australian Beam
TV Chile Digital
Utilísima Satelital Digital
TVE Internacional Asia-Africa Digital
Antenna Pacific Digital
Ishtar TV Digital
Zee Action Digital
Zee Premier Digital
Zee TV Asia Pacific Digital
Zee Music Asia Digital
Zee Punjabi Digital
Assyriasat Digital
Syria Satellite Channel Digital

PANAMSAT 8 Information
Cband coverage from this satellite is reasonably strong in all of the Asia-Pacific region. The main service of interest on this bird is Abc Asia Pacific service from Australia, containing quality news and programming in English. There are several other English language channels here as well as over 30 FTA Radio services.

There is currently a Taiwanese MUX on Cband , many services here for a possible pay tv service. They are often FTA!

In New Zealand some beams on this satellites Cband, require dishes over 3.7m in size.

The Ku band on this satellite has 3 Beams, One on Australia, One South East Asia, the other on North East Asia. The only one commonly seen in Australia and in some parts of NZ is the Australian Beam. The N.E Asia beam has been received on a 2.4m solid in Northern Australia.

The KU N.E Asia beam is rumoured to be moving to cover NZ in Early 2006

There are several Pay TV providers here as well, ABS-CBN, Jade World, SelecTV and the PanGlobal Globecast platform. These platforms often have a few channels running as FTA.

The Ku band is also used by Internet providers such as Ihug for data transmission.